Albums by Year

1969Mott the Hoople1. You Really Got Me
2. At the Crossroads
3. Laugh at Me
4. Backsliding Fearlessly
5. Rock & Roll Queen
6. Rabbit Foot and Toby Time
7. Half Moon Bay
8. Wrath and Wroll
1970Mad Shadows1. Thunderbuck Ram
2. No Wheels to Ride
3. You are One of Us
4. Walkin' With a Mountain
5. I Can Feel
6. Threads of Iron
7. When My Mind's Gone
1971Wildlife1. Whiskey Women
2. Angel of Eighth Avenue
3. Wrong Side of the River
4. Waterlow
5. Lay Down
6. It Must Be Love
7. Original Mixed-Up Kid
8. Home is Where I Want to Be
9. Keep A' Knockin'
1971Brain Capers1. Death May Be Your Santa Claus
2. Your Own Back Yard
3. Darkness, Darkness
4. The Journey
5. Sweet Angeline
6. Second Love
7. The Moon Upstairs
8. The Wheel of the Quivering Meat Conception
1972All the Young Dudes1. Sweet Jane
2. Momma's Little Jewel
3. All the Young Dudes
4. Sucker
5. Jerkin' Crocus
6. One of the Boys
7. Soft Ground
8. Ready for Love/After Lights
9. Sea Diver
1973Mott1. All the Way from Memphis
2. Whizz Kid
3. Hymn for the Dudes
4. Honaloochie Boogie
5. Violence
6. Drivin' Sister
7. Ballad of Mott the Hoople
8. I'm a Cadillac
9. El Camino Dolo Roso
10. I Wish I was Your Mother
1974The Hoople1. The Golden Age of Rock n Roll
2. Marionette
3. Alice
4. Crash Street Kids
5. Born Late '58
6. Trudi's Song
7. Pearl n Roy (England)
8. Through the Looking Glass
9. Roll Away the Stone
1974Live1. All the Way from Memphis
2. Sucker
3. Rest in Peace
4. All the Young Dudes
5. Walkin' With a Mountain
6. Sweet Angeline
7. Rose
8. Jerkin' Crocus/One of the Boys/Rock & Roll Queen - Medley

Mott the Hoople took their name from this novel
1966Willard ManusMott the Hoople

(Auto) Biography
1974Ian HunterDiary of a Rock 'n' Roll Star
1997Philip CatoAll the Way to Memphis
1998Campbell DivineAll the Young Dudes

Novels refer to Mott the Hoople
1986Charles de LintYarrow
1993George P PelecanosNick's Trip
1994Rick MoodyThe Ice Storm
1995Patrick McCabeThe Dead School
1996Peter BlaunerThe Intruder
1997George P PelecanosKing Suckerman
1998Irvine WelshFilth
1999Jack DriscollLucky Man, Lucky Woman
2000John WilliamsCardiff Dead
2002Thomas McGuaneThe Cadence of Grass
2002Kate SaundersThe Marrying Game
2003Louise BagshaweThe Devil You Know
2003Jonathan LethemThe Fortress of Solitude
2003Nathan WalpowOne Last Hit
2004Bill FitzhughRadio Activity
2004Elizabeth HandMortal Love
2004James HynesKings of Infinite Space