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Best Albums of 1965
1Bob DylanHighway 61 Revisited1. Like a rolling stone
2. Tombstone blues
3. It takes a lot to laugh it takes a train to cry
4. From a Buick 6
5. Ballad of a thin man
6. Queen Jane approximately
7. Highway 61 revisited
8. Just like Tom Thumb's blues
9. Desolation Row
2Bob DylanBringing it all Back Home1. Subterranean homesick blues
2. She belongs to me
3. Maggie's farm
4. Love minus zero (no limit)
5. Outlaw blues
6. On the road again
7. Bob Dylans 115th dream
8. Mr Tambourine Man
9. Gates of Eden
10. Its alright ma (Im only bleeding)
11. Its all over now baby blue
3The ByrdsMr Tambourine Man1. Mr Tambourine Man
2. I'll feel a whole lot better
3. Spanish Harlem incident
4. You won't have to cry
5. Here without you
6. Bells of Rhymney
7. All I really want to do
8. I knew I'd want you
9. It's no use
10. Don't doubt yourself babe
11. Chimes of freedom
12. We'll meet again
13. She has a way
4The ByrdsTurn! Turn! Turn!1. Turn turn turn (To everything there is a season)
2. It won't be wrong
3. Set you free this time
4. Lay down your weary tune
5. He was a friend of mine
6. World turns all around her
7. Satisfied mind
8. If you're gone
9. Times they are a changin'
10. Wait and see
11. Oh Susannah
Best Albums of 1964
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